• 1

    Picnic Batay™ Bag

    A better version of the traditional and common picnic bag

  • 2

    Jewelry Batay™ Bag

    An interesting way of transporting and displaying jewelry pieces

  • 3

    Jewelry Batay™ Box

    The classic semi automatic foldable jewelry box

  • 4

    Batay™ Watch Box

    Another great product based on the semi automatic foldable box patent


Welcome to the website of IPTech International, Inc.

We are the inventors of the unique inventions:

Semi-automatic universal foldable boxes known as Batay Boxes, available in forms of Jewelry and Watch Boxes, as well as other forms to be presented soon.

Device for picking-up small-sized litter aka Funclean Ball - an R/C or battery operated cleaning ball.

We welcome inquiries from wholesale buyers and manufacturing/distribution companies willing to get licenses for our innovative products.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need a quote on our products.

Featured Projects


Our patents

  • No. 6,550,089 | April 22, 2003

    Device for picking-up small-sized litter
    A device for picking-up small-sized litter from floor and other surfaces is generally disclosed comprising a remote-controlled electric motor with power supply located inside a case standing on supporting wheels, and attached rolling litter collector with sticky, bristly, magnetic, or any other surface capable of collecting small-sized litter.

  • No. 6,688,516 | February 10, 2004

    Universal semi-automatic foldable box
    An universal semi-automatic foldable box is generally disclosed comprising a box body having a bottom panel, and two or more side walls, and the corresponding number of soft sheets and spring strips. Each spring strip is connected to the bottom panel and at least one side wall. The side walls are connected to the bottom panel such that they can unfold and rise and the sheets form foldable connecting portions for connecting the side walls, and the spring strips serve to unfold the box flat...

  • D583,147 | December 23, 2008

    Unfoldable bag
    The claimed unfoldable bag is used to store and carry a variety of content, including without limitation, general merchandise, jewelry, cosmetics, tools, picnic items and toys, and is capable to unfold flat and fold back into erected position.